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Classic chocolate buttons getting a low sugar spin at Skinny Food Co

The Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Buttons

If you follow Stack3d religiously and visit the website once or multiple times a day, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the UK functional food company The Skinny Food Co and its extensive selection of creative products. The brand brings healthy, low-calorie, and sometimes high-protein twists to familiar foods and formats, which you can see once again in this week’s preview of an upcoming item.

The Skinny Food Co has shared a glimpse at another entry in its Chocaholic family of sweet, rich, chocolate-type products with Chocaholic Buttons. It is the brand’s take on the classic, bite-sized chocolate button. The item is coming in the form of a 19g bag filled with several tasty buttons; although, unlike the buttons you may remember, these have 90% less sugar and 99 calories a bag.

The Skinny Food Co has shown us product after product just how different and creative it can be, bringing its healthier approach to all sorts of foods, and Chocaholic Buttons is another great example of that. There is no set launch date for the significantly lower sugar and lower calorie chocolate buttons, only that they’re coming soon to the brand’s online store at