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Recently resurrected Bulk Black gets another flavor just a week after its return

Transparent Labs Blue Raspberry Bulk Black

Last week, Transparent Labs brought back its previously limited and loaded, premium pre-workout Bulk Black, which is intended to be a harder-hitting step up from the regular Bulk. It has all of the same ingredients and dosages, except it’s dropped the BCAAs, increased the citrulline malate to 8g for better pumps, and raised the caffeine from 180mg to a much more intense 275mg.

Transparent Labs’ Bulk Black returned in the same flavor it originally launched in, with Black Cherry, although to spice things up, this week, the brand has added another option to its menu that fans haven’t had before. Joining Transparent Labs’ recently only flavor of Bulk Black is a common, classic supplement taste in Blue Raspberry, and it’s available now for $54.99 at