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Carbohydrate, MCT and amino-fueled Energy Gel on the way from Trec Nutrition

Trec Nutrition Endurance Energy Gel

European brand Trec Nutrition has announced a new endurance and performance product that is coming to stores soon in all of its usual markets and in an on-the-go format. The upcoming item is simply named Endurance Energy Gel, as it is an endurance-supporting item the brand has decided to put into the convenient gel format to squeeze and have while you’re on the move.

Trec Nutrition brings together four different sources of carbohydrates for the simply named Endurance Energy Gel, with MCTs also in the mix, no caffeine, and amino acids to support recovery. The brand has not revealed what the dosages of any of those features are, but the gel itself tips the scales at 40g each, so the nutrition won’t be too high and suited for its intended audience.

Endurance Energy Gel will be available soon from Trec Nutrition with three flavors to choose from in a citrusy Orange, Forest Fruit, and one called Multivitamin, which, as we’ve come to learn in Europe, is often a translation or another way of saying fruit punch.