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Energy newcomer Lost and Found launches its debut beverage direct and at Primeval

Lost And Found Energy Drink

The previously previewed Lost and Found energy drink is now available for purchase, with stock just added to its own online store located at For those that missed the introduction in March, Lost and Found is a uniquely branded beverage featuring a patched-up teddy on the face of its can, a busy eye-catching design wrapped around the rest of the product, and a key color that changes from flavor to flavor.

The main ingredient in the all-new Lost and Found energy drink is the classic and always reliable stimulant caffeine, dosed at a moderate 150mg per can for energy whenever and wherever you need it. The brand also keeps the nutrition nice and low with only 4g of carbohydrates, no sugar, and ten calories, and that goes for all three of its flavors Cherry Lemonade, Glacier Burst, and the traditional blue raspberry-recipe Blue Rush.

As mentioned, you can purchase the new Lost and Found energy drink directly from the beverage brand’s website at a reasonable $29.99 for a case of a dozen cans all in the same flavor, with no variety bundle just yet. You can also pick up the product from the online store of the supplement company Primeval Labs’ for the same $29.99 a case, and the reason for that is Lost and Found is from the same people behind Primeval.