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Aware drops a dedicated immunity product days out from the debut of Aware Greens

Aware Immune

It turns out that Aware Greens is not the only all-new product the team at Sweden’s Aware Nutrition has been working on. While the brand’s superfood debut is not dropping until this Saturday, you can head to its website and get your hands on something else that’s completely new. Now available from the gradually growing Aware Nutrition is Aware Immune, a supplement that’s all about protecting and strengthening your immune system.

Aware Nutrition’s Aware Immune isn’t overly complex, bringing together three commonly used ingredients to support immune health, with ginger at half a gram per serving, turmeric, also at half a gram, and 100mg of garlic extract. The Swedish brand wraps all of those ingredients in a convenient two-capsule serving that seamlessly stacks with many other health-focused products and costs a reasonable 199 kr (18.89 USD) for a month’s supply.