Growing Aware Nutrition continues to build out its line with a superfood supplement

Aware Greens

It was only a couple of days ago we were talking about how most of the time, we see flavor extensions from Aware Nutrition, mostly going towards its sports nutrition supplements. The Swedish brand has, however, been quite busy this year rolling out entirely new products, including the likes of the sleep aid Night By Aware, the nutritious Real Meal Grab & Go, and the functional baking mix, Protein Pancakes.

Aware Nutrition has announced yet another all-new supplement for 2022 this week, with the superfood formula Aware Greens. The brand is taking a more advanced approach and putting more than just fruits and greens in the product. It will be an all-in-one type supplement providing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and enzymes to support benefits such as digestion, immunity, and general health and wellness.

The appropriately named Aware Greens is going to be made available for purchase directly from Aware Nutrition’s online store this coming Saturday at precisely 11AM local time. The superfood product will have a solid 50 servings per tub, and the brand promises a great taste in Aware Greens with its Lemon Lime flavor, which is important as many of the competitors in the category have trouble delivering on that.