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Bulk also makes a straightforward and cost-effective mass gainer

Bulk Essential Mass Gainer

Yesterday we posted everything you need to know about Bulk’s straightforward and very cost-effective pre-workout, Essential Pre-Workout, featuring a blend of citrulline, arginine, beta-alanine, tyrosine, and caffeine. We’re back today with details on another new supplement from the UK-based brand, which is also relatively simple, although it’s for a separate category.

Essential Mass Gainer is the other new basic product from Bulk, and it is indeed basic. The brand brings together whey and milk concentrate to provide 25g of protein per serving, and oats and maltodextrin for a hefty 79g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar. The fat sits at a reasonably low 3.8g, and the calorie count is 460, making for a typical mass gainer nutrition profile.

Like any gainer, Bulk Essential Mass Gainer can be scaled if you need more to suit your diet and goals. For example, if you prefer 50g of protein, simply double serve Essential Mass Gainer to give you precisely that, although the other macros will go up as well, taking the carbs to 158g and the calories to 920.

There are two traditional flavors available for Essential Mass Gainer in Chocolate and Vanilla, and there are actually a few sizes to choose from. Bulk has a 1kg bag of eight servings at £9.74; a 2.5kg bag of 20 servings at £22.09; and a giant 5kg of 40 servings at £37.69. The larger 5kg is obviously the most cost-effective option, working out to a saving of just beyond 20%.