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Elysium rebrands and renames itself and its pre-workout but keeps its solid formula

Manticore Invicta

Near the end of last year, we introduced the newcomer Elysium and its pre-workout supplement Manticore, featuring a solid, well-rounded blend of ingredients. The product was well-put-together, especially considering it was the brand’s first supplement, including highlights such as 2g of tyrosine for focus, 100mg of NeuroFactor, a full 1.5g of Nitrosigine and half a gram of ViNitrox to power pumps, and the stimulant enXtra.

Elysium recently relaunched itself, changing the look and name of the brand, as well as renaming the pre-workout, although still keeping its solid formula for energy, focus, pumps, and performance. Elysium has become Manticore, so the original name of the pre-workout, while Manticore — the supplement — is now Invicta, and again, it still has that well-dosed blend of ingredients for a complete pre-workout experience.

The newly named Manticore can be found at its new website,, where the pre-workout Invicta, previously called Manticore, is available for purchase at £44.99 (53.73 USD) for a full-size tub of 20 servings in the one Lemon Candy flavor.

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