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EndurElite improves its already premium ingredient packed multivitamin

Endurelite Reformulated Vitamin Elite

A few months ago, the performance and endurance-specific brand EndurElite launched a new edition of the capsule version of its pre-workout with Perform Elite 2.0. The brand has now gone and reformulated another one of its already available and reputable supplements in the health and wellness-focused Vitamin Elite, which has become an even more comprehensive multivitamin.

You can see the facts panel for EndurElite’s Vitamin Elite in the image below with a whole host of vitamin and minerals, many of them being premium, high-quality branded versions such as Mena-Q vitamin K, TRAACS chelated minerals, and Calci-K calcium. That is far from where it ends for Vitamin Elite, as there are several other components in the mix to make it that complete competitor.

Endurelite Reformulated Vitamin Elite Label

Alongside the full spectrum of quality vitamins and minerals, EndurElite has reformulated Vitamin Elite with 100mg each of alpha lipoic acid and coQ10, the DigeZyme enzyme blend to improve digestion, premium Immuno LP-20 to support immune health, and 100mg of the branded superfood blend Spectra.

EndurElite is now taking pre-orders for its revamped multivitamin Vitamin Elite, through its online store, for shipping closer to the end of the month. Being the comprehensive supplement that it is, Vitamin Elite does cost more than your typical multivitamin, although, as you can see in its facts panel, the brand justifies that. The price is $39.99, and that’ll get you a full-size bottle of 30 servings.