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Returning Ghost Fish Oil enhanced with omega-optimizing SmartPrime-Om

Ghost Fish Oil

One of the only real simple style supplements we’ve ever seen from the reputable Ghost was Ghost Fish Oil, released back in 2017, although it was eventually discontinued. The product was fairly basic, featuring a full-spectrum fish oil formula with a solid 1.25g of fish oil in each of its softgels, providing a substantial amount of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as omega-5, 6, 7, and 9.

In 2022, five years on from the debut of Ghost Fish Oil, the daily health and wellness supplement is making a return but with a more premium twist, really separating it from the many other fish oil products out there. The resurrected Ghost Fish Oil comes with 1.4g of fish oil — from wild-caught fish — in a two softgel serving, breaking down to 550mg of EPA and 410mg of DHA.

Where things get different and more premium in Ghost Fish Oil, is Ghost has combined that sizeable dose of fish oil with Nutrashure’s SmartPrime-Om, which helps your body make better use of omega fatty acids like omega-3s. The past Brand Of The Year and Brand Of The Decade winner has included SmartPrime at a solid half a gram per serving, once again, giving it a premium twist.

Ghost Fish Oil is making its big return in exactly one week through the lifestyle brand’s online store at We’re not sure about the price, but with innovative SmartPrime-Om in the mix, we don’t imagine it’ll be the same as the original. The first Ghost Fish Oil was $15 a bottle or $30 for three, clearly very competitive, although we’ll have to wait and see on the 2022 edition.