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Competitors Ghost and Raw come together to create a collaboration like no other

Ghost X Raw Thavage Legend Pre Workout

The original lifestyle supplement company Ghost has done a lot of collaborations in its handful of years in the industry, from its original Warheads partnership through to teaming up with the legendary cookie Oreo. The brand has also collaborated with some of its ambassadors, such as Christian Guzman and Maxx Chewning, although its latest effort is something else entirely.

Ghost has actually come together with fellow supplement company Raw Nutrition to create a dual-branded pre-workout. The sports nutrition brands have collaborated to create the extremely limited edition Thavage Legend Pre-Workout, combining Ghost Legend and Raw’s CBUM Series Thavage. The label features a design blending Ghost, Raw, and the CBUM Series’ styles for an eye-catching look.

Ghost Legend meets Thavage

The flavor of Ghost and Raw Nutrition’s Thavage Legend Pre-Workout is Miami Vice, and as for the formula, it is not the same as Ghost Legend or Thavage. The two brands have mixed things up in the Thavage Legend collaboration, with familiar features from Ghost’s pre-workout and Raw’s CBUM Series supplement, which fans will pick up on in the fully transparent facts panel below.

Ghost X Raw Thavage Legend Pre Workout Label

Some of the key highlights filling out the powerhouse formula behind Ghost and Raw Nutrition’s Thavage Legend Pre-Workout are; 6g of citrulline from pure citrulline and NO3-T citrulline nitrate; 3.2g of beta-alanine to support performance; a solid 305mg of caffeine from a blend of caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate; 100mg of the premium NeuroFactor and 2g of tyrosine to enhance focus; and 25mg of AstraGin to improve absorption.

Where to buy Thavage Legend

As mentioned, Ghost and Raw Nutrition’s Thavage Legend Pre-Workout is an extremely limited edition supplement, and you’re not actually going to be able to purchase this one in the usual fashion. The only way to get the product, for now, is to visit an exclusive pop-up store at 151 Northeast 41st Street, Miami, this weekend or visit the brands’ social media pages to go in the draw to win a tub.

While we have seen collaborations between supplement companies in the past, with the likes of Black Market and Inspired, none compare to the size of this one, with truly two giants coming together. It’s also intriguing to see the brands limit the launch as much as they have, as we don’t think we’ve seen a product with this sort of exclusive availability, let alone one of this magnitude.