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Lower carbohydrate and elevATP-enhanced Level Up V2 makes its debut at FitX

Hr Labs Level Up V2

Level Up was one of the earlier supplements to hit the market from the reputable UK brand HR Labs, featuring a blend of ingredients to support performance and endurance throughout your workout. Several months ago, the brand announced the coming of an all-new version of that product with Level Up V2, featuring some notable changes, and this past weekend at FitX in the UK, the brand debuted its long-awaited sequel.

The changes in HR Labs’ Level Up V2 were revealed back in February, with the notable differences being that it has added 150mg of elevATP for more performance support, and it is no longer as heavy on carbohydrates. The original Level Up included 25g of premium Cluster Dextrin, an ingredient the brand has since released as a standalone supplement, and so appropriately, it has removed it completely for the new Level Up V2.

Hr Labs Level Up V2 Label

The advanced HR Labs intra-workout still has all of its other premium features, including a gram each of Sustamine and the PeakO2 blend, twice as much d-ribose at 10g, a gram of Cocomineral branded coconut water, and 600mg of pink Himalayan salt. As mentioned, the brand has officially introduced Level Up V2 at this year’s FitX event in Liverpool, UK, and will be making it available online tomorrow through its website.