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HTLT squeezes some impressive dosages into G-Focus and its hefty eight capsule serving

Htlt G Focus

Greg Doucette’s fast-growing brand HTLT has been busier than most this year, dropping all-new products, entering entirely new categories, and rolling out a long list of flavor extensions. This week we have another exciting launch from the brand with HTLT’s entry into the competitive world of focus-enhancing nootropic supplements, introducing G-Focus.

HTLT’s G-Focus is designed to provide a comprehensive nootropic experience, coming packed full of ingredients to support mental focus, mood, cognition, memory, and energy. Interestingly, the brand has decided to make G-Focus a caffeine-free product, giving you the freedom to stack it with the likes of a stimulant-powered supplement or an energy drink.

Htlt G Focus Label

As we’ve seen in some of HTLT’s other well-put-together sports nutrition products, G-Focus features a wide variety of ingredients, 13 to be exact, and they’re all included at respectable dosages. Some of the standout ingredients in the supplement’s large eight-capsule serving include a gram of lion’s mane, a potent 200mg of premium Dynamine, 400mg of bacopa, a hefty 1.2g of alpha-GPC, 1.5g of tyrosine, and half a gram of kanna.

On paper, G-Focus looks like another reliable and effective product from Greg Doucette and HTLT, and a strong first entry into the increasingly competitive nootropic category. The advanced formula powering G-Focus does make it somewhat expensive at $44.99 for a bottle of 15 full servings, although there is a three-pack that brings it down a bit to $40 each.

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