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Karen Morel comes on the Stack3d Podcast to talk all about My Cookie Dealer

My Cookie Dealer Interview

For this week’s Stack3d Supplement Podcast interview, we brought on the founder and owner of the calorie-loaded cookie company My Cookie Dealer, Karen Morel. With the brand’s recent entry into the world of protein snacks in collaboration with Raw Nutrition, we thought it would be a great time to bring on someone from the brand to learn a little more about it, how it started, and where it’s going.

We weren’t all that familiar with My Cookie Dealer until the protein cookies launched earlier this year, and in our interview with Karen Morel, who started the whole thing, we had all of our questions answered. She explained she initially crafted the loaded and mouthwatering My Cookie Dealer cookies for her husband and reputable bodybuilder Juan Morel for his cheat day. Word slowly got out how good they were, and soon enough, she wasn’t baking for just Juan anymore.

It quickly evolved into a well-known business with several unique features, including personal delivery of the cookies, ordering via text message, and a selection of recipes that goes beyond 4,000. The move into protein treats actually gained inspiration from a project where My Cookie Dealer was trying to puts pieces of its cookies into a protein powder, which was then flipped around, putting protein into the cookies.

Coming from the world of sports nutrition supplements and healthy functional foods, it’s great to hear and see My Cookie Dealer taking on the protein snack game in a way that we haven’t seen and making so much noise. The whole interview is well worth listening to and it doesn’t go on too long at a little over 30 minutes, so be sure to check it out on all of the usual platforms, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.