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Christmas is back at G Fuel with a summer edition return of its Jingle Juice flavor

Jingle Juice G Fuel Summer Edition

For Christmas last year, G Fuel made it an extra special occasion by releasing two special edition flavors for its signature energy and focus-supporting gaming supplement. To close out the year, the hugely popular brand introduced the sweet fruit candy recipe Sugar Plum, and the other one was the limited kiwi strawberry combination Jingle Juice, the same blend of flavors as G Fuel’s 2020 Christmas creation, Ugly Sweater.

While we are still several months away from Christmas, in fact, we’re right in the middle of the year; G Fuel has decided to drop some Christmas spirit here in July with the return of the limited 2021 released flavor. In exactly one week, the gaming brand is resurrecting the refreshing Jingle Juice with Santa, still prominently featured on the label, although G Fuel has refreshed the graphic with a more fitting summery background.

Once again, G Fuel’s past limited edition Christmas flavor, Jingle Juice, is making its return on Monday of next week through its online store at in the usual tub of 40 servings, and presumably at the usual price of $35.99.

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