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Misfits releases its mouthwatering new flavor and says it is its best to date

Misfits Chocolate Smores Protein Bar

The plant-based protein brand Misfits from the UK, has another flavor extension for its original hit functional product, the high-protein Misfits Protein Bar. The company’s latest creation looks like quite the delicious experience, and Misfits is promoting it in that way and more, confidently saying this is the best-tasting flavor of its signature protein snack to date.

Now available for the Misfits Protein Bar is the classic campfire treat s’mores, but with a chocolate twist in Chocolate S’mores. It promises all of the key s’mores tastes with a biscuit-like base, gooey chocolate caramel, vegan-friendly marshmallows across the top, and wrapped in chocolate. Of all the flavors of the product we’ve seen, this one looks like it may indeed be Misfits’ best to date.

You get a typical Misfits Protein Bar nutrition profile in the new Chocolate S’mores with 15g of protein, 8.6g of carbohydrates with 3.3g of that sugar, 10.5g of fat, and a calorie count of 205. The product is available straight from the brand’s online store at £24 (28.69 USD) for a box of 12, and thankfully it doesn’t say anywhere that it’s only around for a limited time.

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