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Kodiak’s reliable sleep aid returns under Muscle Sport and with the same formula

Muscle Sport Coma

Earlier this year, Muscle Sport announced that it would be discontinuing the brand Kodiak, although some of its popular supplements would live on in Muscle Sport’s extensive lineup. Since then, it has indeed rebranded some of those Kodiak products and launched them under its banner, including the stimulant pre-workout Attack, and now it is Anabolic Coma’s turn.

Kodiak’s supremely effective sleep supplement, Anabolic Coma, has been reborn at Muscle Sport, with a slight name change to just simply Coma. The rebranded and renamed product still features all of the same ingredients and dosages as it did with Kodiak, including 2.5g of GABA, half a gram each of tryptophan and ashwagandha, and 3mg of the reliable melatonin.

Muscle Sport Coma Label

Back when Anabolic Coma was available from Kodiak, it was one of the best sleep supplements out there, delivering a strong knockout effect, improved sleep, and enhanced recovery. With all of the same ingredients and dosages, we have to imagine Muscle Sport’s Coma will continue that reputation and results, and it is available now through the brand’s online store.

Muscle Sport’s Coma can be purchased straight from at $49.99 for a tub of 25 servings, which is less than Kodiak’s Anabolic Coma, which had the more common 30 to supply you for a full month. The flavor, however, is the same in Muscle Sport’s version of the nighttime product in a sweet and citrusy Lemon Drop.