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Neuratech tweaks its original neurovitamin to create the sequel Enhance 2.0

Neuratech Enhance 2

Australian supplement company Neuratech launched within the last few years with the uniquely categorized neurovitamin, Enhance, designed to be taken every day as opposed to when you need elevated focus. The reason behind the daily use of Neuratech’s debut product is that it has short and long-term benefits, so while it does have immediate effects, more will surface after prolonged use.

Neuratech is currently getting ready to release Enhance 2.0, a new and improved version of its original neurovitamin. The brand still aims to provide that variety of short and long-term benefits, although the formula powering the experience has undergone some tweaks. Neuratech has carried over ingredients from Enhance 2.0’s predecessor as well as added and removed some compounds, again, all for better results.

Neuratech Enhance 2 Label

You can see the full facts panel for Neuratech’s sequel supplement Enhance 2.0 with the same amount of bacopa and Sharp PS branded phosphatidylserine at 300mg and 100mg, respectively. The original’s lion’s mane, NeuroFactor, and Cognizin have been removed, and new to the product are 250mg of rhodiola, 300mg of the premium energy stimulant EnXtra, half a gram of tyrosine, 100mg of pine bark, 250mg of grape seed, and a handful of B vitamins.

Neuratech’s updated Enhance 2.0 aims to hit what it calls the four pillars, providing support and intending to enhance energy, mood, memory, and mental focus. You can now pre-order the brand’s newest supplement from its website for a bit more than the original at $79.95 (54.89 USD) for a bottle of slightly fewer servings at 25, although if you get two or three, that price comes down to as low as $68 (46.68 USD) each.