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Nutrabolt makes moves to become the leader in sustainability

6 months ago
Nutrabolt Sustainability

Nutrabolt and its family of reputable sports nutrition brands recently made waves with several major announcements at this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo. It revealed a fresh new look for a whole bunch of C4 pre-workouts, including two all-new products with C4 SuperSport and C4 Ripped SuperSport, and it previewed a collaboration with the Wounded Warrior Project in a special edition Mango Foxtrot flavor of C4 Energy.

Another piece of news coming out of Nutrabolt here in the middle of the year is a substantial effort regarding environmentally-friendliness. Nutrabolt and its brands Cellucor, C4, and Xtend, are on a mission to become the leading sports nutrition company in the area of sustainability. It has partnered with How2Recycle and Plastic Bank to achieve that goal.

Nutrabolt is utilizing How2Recycle’s smart label system to educate and inform consumers about how their many different supplements can easily be recycled. In the case of a Cellucor C4 pre-workout, the label tells you to remove and throw out the seal, use and enjoy all of the powder inside, put the lid back on, and that’s all you need to do before you recycle it.

Nutrabolt How2recycle Label Example

With Plastic Bank, Nutrabolt is working to prevent a massive 2.75 million pounds of plastic from entering the ocean, equal to the amount of plastic it uses in the packaging of its supplements. Plastic Bank works by partnering with members of the community to exchange plastic for basic necessities. Then, that collected plastic is reintroduced into the supply chain, with a Plastic Bank logo present on products that use the material.

Again, it’s a significant effort from Nutrabolt and its brands, Cellucor, C4 and Xtend, and shows you it does mean what it says when it wants to be the leading sports nutrition company when it comes to sustainability. There is a separate page on the Cellucor website that goes over the commitment and partnerships with How2Recycle and Plastic Bank in more detail.

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