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Podium reveals its limited Bomb Pop flavor arriving just in time for summer

Podium Bomb Pop Flavor

Right in time for the sunny summer season, growing brand Podium, which is still very new, only coming to market in September of last year, has announced a refreshing new flavor for two of its supplements. The latest creation from the sports nutrition company is a nostalgic experience named Bomb Pop, inspired by the classic red, white and blue popsicle of the same name.

Podium’s Bomb Pop flavor, as mentioned, has been put together for two supplements, and if you know its lineup of three products, you could probably guess which two they are. Bomb Pop has been crafted for the brand’s well-rounded stimulant pre-workout Fuse, and its amino Hydro & Salt, featuring a combination of 6g of BCAAs for recovery and electrolytes for hydration.

Podium is planning to launch its Bomb Pop Fuse and Bomb Pop Hydro & Salt sometime soon, and fans will want to jump on it as soon as it drops, as, like Justin Medeiros’ Cookies & Cream flavor of Podium Whey, the Bomb Pop products won’t be around for good.