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Summery Raspberry Lemonade flavor coming soon to the popular Built Bar

Raspberry Lemonade Built Bar

Built Brands is known for frequently releasing new flavors and options for its variety of functional foods, mostly its original and flagship protein bar, the smooth and flavorful Built Bar. More recently, the brand has been dropping a lot of new flavors for its sweet and even softer Built Puffs, although the news we have today is in regards to a flavor extension once again for its premier high-protein snack, the Built Bar.

The always busy Built Brands has announced that sometime soon, it is launching a flavor we commonly see for sports nutrition supplements like pre-workouts and aminos, but for Built Bar, in the summery Raspberry Lemonade. It promises the classic combination of the two tastes in the title, with refreshing raspberry, including actual raspberries in the bar, and a deliciously citrusy lemon coating to bring it all together.

Built Brands’ Raspberry Lemonade Built Bar will have the product’s typically lean nutrition profile providing 17g of protein for 140 calories, and as mentioned, it is currently only said to be coming soon, with no exact launch date or rough timeframe.