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Images surface of a new pre-workout under RYSE’s Element Series

Ryse Element Series Pre Workout

RYSE already has quite a few stimulant pre-workouts on the market with the powerhouse and top-rated Godzilla Pre-Workout, Loaded Pre, Project Black Pre-Workout, and Ultra Pre down under in Australia. It looks like we may be getting another entry in the highly competitive pre-workout category from the brand, as images have surfaced of an unreleased supplement separate from those mentioned above.

Over on Walmart’s website, there are pictures of the RYSE Element Series Pre-Workout; the Element Series is the brand’s collection of straightforward products, currently consisting of the three standalones, Creatine, Glutamine, and Citrulline. Walmart is not listing the facts panel for the Element Series pre-workout, although we can see from the front that it has 30 servings per tub, each tipping the scales at 11g.

Serving weights don’t really tell you how good a pre-workout is going to be, but they do give you an idea of how much a brand will be able to squeeze in regarding ingredients and dosages. We’re, of course, interested to see the full facts panel for RYSE’s Element Series Pre-Workout, mostly to see what it has done to make it different and separate it from the handful of other pre-workouts it already has out there.

Another interesting detail about Walmart’s images of RYSE’s Element Series Pre-Workout is they feature the supplement in two authentic flavor collaborations. They’re both collaborations with companies the brand has partnered with before but they are completely new flavors with those companies in Ring Pop Blue Raspberry and SunnyD Orange Strawberry.