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Two new flavors right around the corner for RYSE’s loaded Godzilla

Ryse Godzilla Strawberry Kiwi and Blackberry Lemonade

Just when we thought RYSE couldn’t be busier with the massive amount of products it’s revealed and released these past few weeks, it has shared more excitement that’s coming soon. This time around, it is the powerhouse supplement Godzilla Pre-Workout’s turn, which delivers a genuinely intense and effective experience, and it fittingly holds a spot on our list of top five pre-workouts.

Fans of RYSE will likely be aware the Godzilla Pre-Workout is out of stock on the brand’s website, although you can still grab it from its retail partner Vitamin Shoppe, where it’s actually on sale at two tubs for $45 each. The latest news from the incredibly busy brand is the product is about to be restocked at, and with that restock is going to come some fresh new flavors.

Since its debut, RYSE’s Godzilla Pre-Workout has only been available in the one albeit very enjoyable Monsterberry Lime flavor, although shortly, the brand is adding another two tastes to its menu. All we have for now is the image above showing fractions of those flavors, and based on that; our guesses are a classic Strawberry Kiwi and a Blackberry Lemonade Godzilla Pre-Workout.