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Thank you for making the 2023 Stack3d Expo another successful event

Stack3d Supplement Expo Closing

With Sunday the 17th of July coming and going, so did the closing of this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, and it was indeed another successful event. We had 10s of 1,000s of people from all over the world descend on the online-exclusive event at, with many reaching out and sharing their feedback about how enjoyable, interactive, and exciting the 2022 edition of the Stack3d Expo was.

We highlighted all of the significant announcements, reveals, releases, promotions, and giveaways from the Stack3d Supplement Expo here on the Stack3d newsfeed. For those that missed any, you can scroll through the homepage to catch them all, but there were a lot. The Stack3d Expo featured 25 exclusive product reveals, six launches, a little under ten major giveaways, and over 20 deals and discounts.

The goal of the Stack3d Supplement Expo has always been to make it a week full of excitement, where reputable sports nutrition and functional food companies come together to introduce their latest and greatest to the world. Our still-growing event is gradually evolving into the platform we imagined, and we look forward to running it all again next year for another week of supplement industry excitement.

We’d also like to take this time to thank every brand that got involved and presented at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, and all of the many fans that took the time to stop by and check out the online experience.

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