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Tyson Fury goes zero-calorie in the Sugar-Free version of his Furocity energy drink

Sugar Free Furocity Energy Drink

To start the year, the now retired world champion heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury released his own energy drink with Furocity, featuring B vitamins, taurine, 157mg of caffeine, a hefty 22g of sugar, and a total of 88 calories. Tyson Fury and Furocity recently followed that beverage with an intriguing functional ice pop, infused with a variety of vitamins and once again, caffeine for energy.

Furocity has now launched something we hoped it would come out with when we first found its energy drink, with a cleaner and significantly lower calorie sugar-free version. Starting this week, fans of Tyson Fury’s beverage can head to the major UK supermarket chain Iceland and get the Furocity energy drink in the regular product’s Black & Blue Raspberry and Original flavors, without any sugar or calories.

Furocity relies on the artificial sweetener sucralose in its no-sugar and zero-calorie energy drinks, and as far as we know, they both feature that same 157mg of caffeine for an anytime increase in energy. If the idea of sugar and calorie-free isn’t attractive enough for energy drink consumers, the alternative product is also cheaper than the standard one, with Iceland selling it at £1.39 a can versus £1.50.

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