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Initially 7-Eleven-exclusive Swirly Pop Bang Energy becomes available elsewhere

Swirly Pop Bang Energy No Longer Exclusive

The many fans of the Bang Energy drink were directed into 7-Eleven locations last year when the brand came out with a flavor you could only purchase from the chain of convenience stores. The beverage giant debuted the incredibly colorful Swirly Pop Bang Energy, which was introduced as an exclusive to 7-Eleven, although that is no longer the case.

Sometime since that launch, Bang has dropped the exclusive status of Swirly Pop Bang Energy, and you can now purchase the alternatively branded flavor outside of 7-Eleven. Not only can you find and purchase the product in Bang’s own online store at, but the major sports nutrition retailer Vitamin Shoppe is also currently carrying it.

7-Eleven is an incredibly convenient place to get Swirly Pop Bang Energy, being that it’s a chain of convenience stores, but if you were waiting for an online presence, as mentioned, and are where you want to go.

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