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Sweet-sounding Blue Shark Gummy K-XR arrives in VMI Sports’ online store

Vmi Sports Blue Shark Gummy Kxr

Right in line with its appearance at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, going on now at until midnight tomorrow, VMI Sports has released the recently revealed Blue Shark Gummy flavor for its popular stimulant pre-workout K-XR. The product is certainly going to stand out on shelves as it has a different label design from any of K-XR’s other options, being covered in an eye-catching bright light blue.

VMI Sports’ Blue Shark Gummy K-XR is obviously candy themed but comes with an official description that makes it sound even more enjoyable, in a mix of blue raspberry, pineapple, and marshmallow. The sweet-sounding concoction is available first through the brand’s website, where a 30-serving tub of K-XR costs $34.99, with 10% off for VMI’s txt VIP members and 20% if you buy the supplement in a stack.

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