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Unique HMB free acid formula announced for Xtend’s growing selection in Japan

Xtend Elite HMB FA

The legendary amino brand Xtend in Japan already has some exclusive supplements you’ll only be able to find in the country, including the hybrid formulas Slim BCAA Coffee and Slim BCAA Coffee Decaf. It is now getting ready to roll out another product that, as far as we know, won’t be found outside of Japan, and it’s in the brand’s more familiar world of muscle recovery and strength.

Xtend Elite HMB-FA is the latest from the brand in the country, and as its name suggests, it is an HMB free acid-powered supplement, packing 3g of the ingredient to support muscle building. Alongside that, the brand has thrown in carnitine for fat loss, UC-II collagen for joint health, and astaxanthin, making for quite a unique and intriguing combination that supports a variety of benefits.

Xtend Japan is launching its HMB-powered Elite HMB-FA soon and in a handful of different sizes, including the usual bulk bottle, but to supply you for a bit more than a full month. Elite HMB-FA is rolling out to stores in a bottle of 126 tablets, which is enough for six weeks or three if you take two servings, a box of 15 single-serving sachets, or a single sachet to try the supplement out.

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