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AP Regimen rolls out standalone collagens on top of its more complex C3

Ap Regimen Pure Collagen

AP Sports Regimen recently released its beauty-supporting wellness supplement C3, bringing together three ingredients, all starting with the letter “C” in collagen, carnitine, and CLA. It turns out the brand has two other collagen-based products rolling out alongside C3, neither of which are as complex; in fact, they’re both standalone collagens, although they don’t rely on the same sources.

Also becoming available this month are AP Sports Regimen’s Pure Collagen and Marine Collagen; the former is a bulk unflavored tub of grass-fed bovine collagen at a hefty 10g a serving plus 50mg of type II collagen from chicken serum. Marine Collagen is true to its name, a capsule supplement providing 1.5g of marine-sourced collagen in each of its three capsule servings.

AP Sports Regimen’s Pure Collagen and Marine Collagen are great alternatives to the more advanced C3 or ideal for fans looking for just a simple and straightforward collagen product. Pure Collagen is not too far from the price of C3 at $44.99, although it does have twice as much collagen per tub, and as for Marine Collagen, that is significantly cheaper at $29.99 for a bottle of 30 servings.

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