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Arms Race adds another three standalone products to its growing Basics Series

Arms Race Nutrition Beta Alanine

Since the debut of its Basics Series, Arms Race Nutrition has added to the simple selection of supplements on one occasion, and that was just recently with the launch of the ingredient-titled Dextrose. This week, the brand from Core Nutritionals owner Doug Miller and fitness influencer Julian Smith, is adding to the lineup once again, although this time it’s getting more than a single product.

Arms Race Nutrition has revealed and released three more Basics Series supplements, each of them being like Dextrose, and is named after their one key ingredient. The brand’s latest items are Vitamin C with a gram of the reliable antioxidant in each of its 120 capsules; Vitamin D3 packing 125mcg of its title ingredient per capsule with 90 a bottle; and a bulk unflavored, 180g tub of beta-alanine.

Each of those Basics Series products is available first through Arms Race Nutrition’s online store, where Vitamin D3 is the cheapest coming in at $14.99, then Vitamin C at $17.99, and lastly, the performance and endurance-supporting Beta-Alanine at $19.99.

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