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Arms Race’s Dextrose arrives with a twin pack promotion at $20 per bag

Arms Race Dextrose Launch Deal

As promised, Arms Race Nutrition has launched its long-awaited, straightforward carbohydrate supplement under its Basics Series with the simply named Dextrose. The product is indeed a large 1kg bulk bag of unflavored dextrose powder to use wherever you please, whether that be for an intra-workout, post-workout, smoothie, or even general food and baking.

Arms Race Nutrition’s Basics Series Dextrose carries a price of $22.99, which is about as cost-effective as we expected, with our guess being somewhere around $24.99, similar to MAN Sports’ ISO-Carb. To celebrate the launch of Dextrose, the brand has a twin pack available for the next few days, where you get two for $20 each, making now the ideal time to purchase.