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Delicious Chocolate finally gives fans of a Aware’s Real Meal a second flavor

Aware Delicious Chocolate Real Meal

If you’re a fan of the ever-growing Aware Nutrition out of Sweden and like its comprehensive meal replacement supplement, Real Meal, there is some exciting news this week. When the sports nutrition brand dropped the product half a year ago with its clean formula and balanced nutrition profile, it did so in only one flavor in Salted Caramel, and since then, that has been the only option you could choose from for Real Meal.

All these months later, Aware Nutrition is finally back, putting its attention on the comprehensive Real Meal and introducing an additional flavor. Starting this week, the supplement’s original Salted Caramel sits alongside something a little more traditional and straightforward in Delicious Chocolate. The product is in stock in the brand’s online store, where you’ll pay a reasonable 259 kr (24.51 USD) for a tub of 25 servings.