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Bombbar expands its selection of carnitine with a citrus-flavored bulk liquid

Bombbar Carnitine 60000

Bombbar and its various lines and brands are known for their functional creations, hence why it’s won Functional Brand Of The Year for the last two years. If you dig deeper, you’ll find the Russian company has several more traditional capsule and powder supplements, not for sports nutrition though, more health and wellness, and many of those are standalones.

After recently releasing its latest intriguing functional innovation in a high protein donut featuring a gooey filling and chocolate top, Bombbar has added to that supplement side with L-Carnitine 60000. It is a Fruit Mix-flavored liquid carnitine, and like most of its kind, it is named after its contents. However, instead of the number in its title being related to each serving, 60000 is the amount in mg of carnitine you get in the bottle.

That 60,000mg of weight loss-supporting carnitine works out to about 1.8g of carnitine in a standard 15ml serving, and it’s alongside a blend of B vitamins and 30mg of synephrine. It is a relatively straightforward supplement, and while it isn’t Bombbar’s first carnitine, it is its first bulk liquid formula, and it is available at 1890 ₽ (31.43 USD) for a 500ml bottle.

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