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Chaos and Pain says its next Cannibal Riot is its most intense version to date

Chaos And Pain Cannibal Riot

Hardcore brand Chaos and Pain has introduced many powerhouse pre-workouts over the years, all starting with its original stimulant-heavy supplement, Cannibal Ferox. Another product the brand rolled out along the way was the more stimulant junkie competitor Cannibal Riot, originally surfacing in the enjoyable DMHA era, all the way back in early 2016.

Chaos and Pain has kept Cannibal Riot in its lineup throughout the years, and for 2022 it is releasing a completely new version of the reputable stimulant pre-workout, and it does sound promising. The brand has said the upcoming supplement will be the most intense stimulating iteration of Cannibal Riot that it’s ever brought to market, which is saying something.

As mentioned, Cannibal Riot came to life in the DMHA era of pre-workouts, and the first version actually featured the potent stimulants DMHA and DMAA, as well as a strong 300mg of caffeine. If we are to take Chaos and Pain at its word, that means the Cannibal Riot coming down the pipeline is going to have a harder stimulant experience than that.

We’re certainly excited to see how Chaos and Pain’s latest evolution of Cannibal Riot looks on paper, especially with that claim of “hardest stim version of this product”. The brand is apparently revealing the formula powering the stimulant junkie pre-workout this coming Wednesday, with an official launch and availability coming a few days later on Monday.