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Caribbean Crush gives Chemical Warfare’s stackable pre-workouts another matching flavor

Chemical Warfare Caribbean Crush The Bomb Nitro Pump

Chemical Warfare has a new matching flavor for its complementing pre-workouts, the stimulant-based The Bomb, and the stimulant-free and stackable Nitro Pump. The products are technically a flavor series, as they have the same taste across both supplements, and they’ve been branded to look similar. This is, however, something Chemical Warfare does with many of its flavors, where the label design of each taste is the same across multiple products, like Super Stars The Bomb and Nitro Pump.

The latest flavor creation from Chemical Warfare is a tropical, sunny, summer-themed Caribbean Crush, promising a delicious combination of coconut and pineapple. As mentioned, the taste has been put together for the pre-workouts, The Bomb and Nitro Pump, which can be stacked together, something an identical flavor makes even easier. You can pre-order both from the brand’s website at £34.99 (41.11 USD) for The Bomb and £35.99 (42.29 USD) for Nitro Pump for shipping next week.