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Competitive Edge reveals it has more new products following Ecdy-Plex

Compettive Edge Labs Upcoming Lipo Vantage and Cloma-Plex

Less than 24 hours ago, news came in on a fresh new supplement from the reputable muscle building specialist Competitive Edge Labs by way of the turkesterone-based Ecdy-Plex. It turns out this is just the beginning for the brand, as an image has also surfaced featuring the full family of Competitive Edge products, and tucked in beside some of its flagships are more completely new supplements.

You can see a fraction of the Competitive Edge Labs’ lineup in the image above, where alongside the already available M-Test and Anabolic Effect are two products launching in the very near future. Those upcoming items are Lipo Vantage, the first-ever fat burner from the brand, which will be stimulant-free, and Cloma-Plex, another muscle builder relying on a handful of testosterone-boosting ingredients.

While the Competitive Edge Labs’ preview isn’t all that clear, we can confirm some of the components in each supplement. For Lipo Vantage, you’ll get a solid one-gram dose of Mitoburn and 75mg of CaloriBurn branded grains of paradise, and in Cloma-Plex, it looks like it’ll feature a good amount of spilanthes.

Basically, Competitive Edge Labs is gearing up for a strong second half of 2022 with a couple of all-new products, including an entirely new category in weight loss. Lipo Vantage will add some nice diversity to the brand and its strong selection of supplements, and we have heard directly from Competitive Edge this may not be the end of its interest in the fat-burning space, so keep an eye out for more.