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ProPud puts roasted corn kernels in its unique new Crunchy Popcorn protein bar

Crunchy Popcorn Propud Protein Bar

NJIE in Sweden has a new entry in its large and diverse ProPud family of functional foods, specifically its classic bar format product, the ProPud Protein Bar. While the brand’s ProPud MilkShake and Protein Pudding come in fairly traditional flavors, that’s not been the case as much with the Protein Bar, available in the likes of Caramello Cookie, Cashew Almond, and Hazelnut Caramel.

The addition to NJIE’s ProPud Series is another unique innovation with a Crunchy Popcorn ProPud Protein Bar, featuring a sweet base vanilla flavor with roasted corn kernels and covered in delicious milk chocolate. The flavor still has that typically high ProPud Protein Bar protein count of 18g alongside no added sugar and no palm oil, and it’s rolling out to stores in Sweden as early as tomorrow.

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