Alpha Neon combines Onslaught with beta-alanine to create Onslaught Ultima

Darkside Onslaught Ultima

Reputable brand Alpha Neon has announced a fresh new addition to its list of competitors in the saturated pre-workout category to go alongside the original Darkside and the reliably effective Darkside Onslaught. The next iteration of the brand’s Darkside supplement is Darkside Ultima, featuring a slightly more advanced formula and wearing an eye-catching chrome gold label design.

Alpha Neon’s upcoming Darkside Ultima comes with all of the same ingredients and dosages as the energy and performance powerhouse Darkside Onslaught but with one small change. Fans may have noticed a common ingredient missing from both Darkside and Darkside Onslaught is the endurance-supporting beta-alanine, although that is not the case in Darkside Ultima.

Alpha Neon’s Darkside Ultima is essentially Darkside Onslaught with a solid 4g dose of beta-alanine thrown in, so if you like Onslaught or could do with a bit more performance support, Ultima will be worth picking up. The brand is planning to launch the supplement in the next four to six weeks, which should put it out and available in the UK around the first half of September.