G Fuel introduces two completely new and exclusive beverage flavors at Sheetz

G Fuel Blueberry Muffinz Grape Gummiez Energy Drinks

Back at the end of 2020, G Fuel released an all-new flavor of its high-powered, smooth-tasting energy drink, called Red Licorice, and it was only available from one specific retail partner. The gaming brand launched the product exclusively at the Sheetz chain of convenience stores, and now, a year and a half later, G Fuel is doing the same again, but with twice the fun, introducing two completely new flavors exclusive to Sheetz.

Currently rolling out to Sheetz locations presumably nationwide, are Blueberry Muffinz and Grape Gummiez G Fuel energy drinks, and as mentioned, they’re entirely new, with neither of them available for any other G Fuel product. Again, they’re exclusive to Sheetz and its many stores across the country, a partnership that is reinforced and highlighted on the cans themselves, reading “Sheetz Exclusive” up top on the front.

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