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Sheetz is now serving G Fuel-infused milkshakes and smoothies

G Fuel Smoothies And Milkshakes At Sheetz

It was only a few hours ago, earlier today, that we shared news of two new flavors of G Fuel’s high-powered energy drink in, Blueberry Muffinz and Grape Gummiez, exclusive to the convenience store chain Sheetz. Another major bit of news has come out of the leader of the gaming category this week, and while the new beverage flavors are great to see, this is a bit more intriguing and exciting.

G Fuel has expanded its partnership with Sheetz and its more than 600 locations across the country and is now offering special edition G Fuel-infused Focus Freak milkshakes and smoothies. Sheetz stores have begun serving up milkshakes and smoothies made with the signature G Fuel energy and focus-supporting supplement, giving you the chance to experience G Fuel in a whole new way.

Sheetz’ G Fuel Focus Freak milkshakes and smoothies are available in familiar G Fuel flavors with FazeBerry, Snow Cone, and Hype Sauce, and there are some additional options available. For example, you can add extra whipped cream to the milkshakes and smoothies, and for the smoothie, you can also add vanilla cream and select a base flavor in either Strawberry, Banana, or Pina Colada.

We say this reasonably frequently, but G Fuel continues to keep things fun, creative, and exciting for fans, consistently changing its path, switching up its approach, and coming out with new ideas. G Fuel was already doing something similar to the milkshakes and smoothies in Sheetz with a Focus Freak refresher in the same three flavors, but obviously, these formats are significantly different.

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