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Gaspari expanding its range even further with Proven GDA as its next new product

Gaspari Nutrition Proven Gda

Gaspari Nutrition has been filling out its lineup more than increasing or revamping its presence in the categories it’s already in, turning the sports nutrition brand into a place you can build any type of supplement stack. In under a year, Gaspari has rolled out several flavor extensions, a standalone Liquid Carnitine, the hybrid Anavite Xtreme Test, the comprehensive Anavite Multi-Pack, and Proven Gut Health.

Gaspari Nutrition is continuing that growth and reach this week, announcing another entirely new supplement it has coming soon, and it is for a category it’s never been in before, and one very few brands take on. Proven GDA is up next from the legacy sports nutrition company, which as per its name, is a GDA or glucose disposal agent designed to help your body better utilize carbohydrates to improve energy, pumps, and more.

From what we can see, Gaspari Nutrition has packed seven main ingredients into Proven GDA, none of which have been confirmed, although we’re guessing they’re effective, common components, as the brand is known to go with reliable ingredients and dosages. We’ll have more details on Proven GDA soon, as Gaspari is saying it’s launching shortly, so keep an eye out here at Stack3d and