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RAZE creates a limited flavor dedicated to its back-to-back Clash Of The Cans wins

Gold Rush Raze Energy Drink

RAZE Energy not only won this year’s Clash Of The Cans competition, where we run a tournament to find the most popular energy drink out there, but it became our first back-to-back Clash Of The Cans champion. To go with that massive achievement, the beverage brand has put together a special edition flavor dedicated to it all, and it is going to be officially launched next week.

The name of the flavor is fitting for the celebration with a Gold Rush RAZE Energy drink. As you’d expect with a name like that and to match the custom cast Clash Of The Cans trophy, Gold Rush comes with a unique gold-themed can design. The actual taste of the energy drink is mentioned on the product, with Gold Rush RAZE Energy being a combination of pineapple and mango.

Once again, RAZE is planning to release its commemorating, two-time Clash Of The Cans winning Gold Rush RAZE Energy sometime next week through its online store at The product is a limited launch, and it’ll truly be a piece of history worth purchasing, as if the brand brings it back next year after our 2023 Clash Of The Cans, the details on the can might be different.

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