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Goli follows its kids multi with a similar type of gummy supplement for women

Goli Nutrition Womens Multi Gummies

The original hit gummy supplement company Goli Nutrition has added another product to its premier family of gummies, and like the many others it has available, it explains what it’s about and what it’s for in its name. Following on from the recently released Complete Kids Multi, Goli Nutrition now has a similar sort of supplement but specifically for women.

Women’s Complete Multi Gummies is Goli Nutrition’s newest gummy product, bringing together close to 20 different vitamins and minerals. The dosages are not as high as what you get in some of the women’s multivitamins in the traditional capsule format, as you can see in the fully transparent facts panel for Women’s Complete Multi Gummies below.

Goli Nutrition Womens Multi Label

The amounts outlined above are based on a single gummy of Women’s Complete Multi Gummies, which Goli Nutrition recommends taking twice a day, so you can double those dosages. As mentioned, the numbers aren’t supremely high compared to something like Optimum Nutrition’s cost-effective Opti-Women, where you get more than 12 times the vitamin C, double the folic acid, and a little less than eight times the vitamin K.

To be fair, there are vitamins and minerals in Goli Nutrition’s Women’s Complete Multi Gummies that match the competition; once again, compared to Opti-Women, it has more biotin and a respectable amount of vitamin A, but it is notably missing iron, a common inclusion in women’s multivitamins.

Goli Nutrition’s women’s specific multivitamin gummy is available straight from its online store, where there are several purchase options to choose from. You can get one to three bottles of 60 gummies, so 30 servings, at $19 each, five full-size bottles for $15.20 a piece, or if you subscribe to any of those options on a monthly basis, you can drop the prices by 15%.