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Clear and refreshing protein trend comes to GymBeam in Clear Whey IsoFue

Gymbeam Clearwhey Isofue

The long-running, refreshing, fruit-flavored trend or approach to the saturated and highly competitive protein powder category has come to the European retailer and brand GymBeam. The company already had plenty of protein powders available, with Clear Whey IsoFue being its latest, and featuring that clear and fruity trend, where instead of coming in traditional tastes like chocolate and vanilla, it has fruity options.

GymBeam’s Clear Whey IsoFue provides a solid 22g of protein per serving, all from premium and lean whey isolate, with less than half a gram of carbohydrates, under half a gram of fat, and an impressively lean 89 calories. Those numbers are based on the supplement’s refreshing Watermelon flavor, and do vary slightly for its three other options in Green Apple, Peach Iced Tea, and the classic citrusy recipe, Lemon Lime.

You can grab GymBeam’s newest protein powder straight from its online store at a reasonable €34.95 (35.58 USD) for a sizeable 1kg tub, which is enough powder for a solid 40 servings, again, each packing 22g of protein.