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Inaka goes from pre-workout to superfood in its third sports nutrition supplement

Inaka Supps Greens

Successful fitness apparel brand Inaka Power jumped into the world of supplements earlier this year with Inaka Supps, debuting with two pre-workouts, one stimulant-powered and the other stimulant-free. The company has expanded its selection of sports nutrition products this month, and while its debut involved items for the mainstream category of pre-workouts, its third supplement is a little more uncommon.

Greens is the newest product joining Inaka Supps’ originals, Pre-Workout and Pump, and featuring a wide variety of superfood ingredients supporting health, wellness, digestion, and gut health. The supplement comes with a little over 4g of actives, including the likes of ashwagandha at 100mg, a hefty 3g of spirulina, 100mg each of elderberry and spinach, half a gram of pomegranate, and the premium Spectra blend at 50mg.

Inaka Supps Greens Label

Inaka Supps Greens isn’t overly advanced, sticking to what you’d expect from a typical superfood product, and its price isn’t up in that premium realm either, sitting at $40 or $36 if you sign up to its email and get a 10% off coupon. The third supplement from Inaka Power is in flavored powder format, and it has three options to choose from, all fruit-based in Citrus, Mixed Berry, and the classic two-part taste, Lemon Lime.