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Jet Social getting ready to enter the industry with a hydration supplement

Jet Social Hydrate Supplement

Jet Social Club isn’t a completely new brand; it’s actually been around for a few years with some custom clothing and accessories, including tees printed with its rocket logo. The reason we’re featuring Jet Social here at Stack3d, the home of sports nutrition and functional food news, is because it is about to venture into the world of sports nutrition with the launch of its first-ever supplement.

There are a couple of pictures that point Jet Social Club in the direction of supplements, both of which we have pictured in this post, one above and the other below. The one above has the brand’s rocket logo and the word “Hydrate”, and by itself, that doesn’t say all that much. However, connected to the image below, where we see a traditional supplement tub, that is what brings it all together for us.

Jet Social Hydrate Supplement

We have no idea exactly what Jet Social Club has coming soon; all we know or all we can speculate is that it’s put together a powder supplement built to support and improve hydration and performance. We’ll share more information as soon as we have it, and by the sounds of things, the brand is planning to have the sports nutrition product available soon, before the end of summer.

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