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Protein powder Jocko Mölk is getting a ready-to-drink version next month

Jocko Milk Rtd

Jocko Mölk is the protein powder from Jocko Willink’s popular sports nutrition brand Jocko Fuel, featuring a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, egg, and casein, to provide a solid 22g of protein per serving. Next month, Jocko’s brand is taking the powder supplement Jocko Mölk and turning it into an on-the-go beverage with the Jocko Mölk RTD.

You can get a good look at the upcoming Jocko Fuel beverage in the image above, and if you’re familiar with the brand, you’ll know this is far from its first ready-to-drink effort. There is the Jocko Go energy drink in a wide variety of flavors, although the Jocko Mölk RTD will be Jocko Fuel’s first nutritional beverage, which we do have a few key details to confirm.

From the few pictures Jocko Fuel has shared for the Jocko Mölk RTD, we know it’ll pack a solid 30g of protein in an 11oz bottle with moderately low macros everywhere else as it has a total of 180 calories. The protein comes from grass-fed sources, and there is no added sugar in the product, making for a clean protein shake whenever and wherever you need it.

Lastly, it looks as though Jocko Fuel will have three flavors of the Jocko Mölk RTD when it launches, including traditional tastes, Chocolate Milk and Vanilla, and something a little less common in Banana Cream. As mentioned, the brand is planning to release its RTD version of Jocko Mölk next month, presumably through its official online store at