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Leviathan crafts a product specifically to improve blood viscosity and blood pressure

Leviathan Nutrition Hemo Flow

If you’re familiar with Leviathan Nutrition, you’ll know it’s one of the more complex and advanced sports nutrition brands out there, with a lineup full of specialized supplements. Instead of the usual pre-workout, amino cocktail, and protein powder, it has carefully crafted and comprehensive products for things like gut health, joint support, kidney function, and it was one of the first to use innovative SmartPrime in Advanced Omega 3.

Leviathan Nutrition has added another specialized health and wellness style supplement, introducing Hemo Flow, one of the first products we can recall aiming to help with hematocrit levels, blood viscosity, blood pressure, and overall circulatory and heart health. There are five key ingredients powering Leviathan’s Hemo Flow, including 120mg of vitamin C and the ever-present absorption enhancer BioPerine at 10mg.

Leviathan Nutrition Hemo Flow Label

The other three components powering Leviathan Nutrition’s latest creation are where most of the effectiveness comes with 200mg of the premium enzyme nattokinase and a solid 508mg of VasoDrive to improve blood flow. Lastly, you have Lavitol-branded dihydroquercetin at 60mg per serving studied specifically for its blood viscosity benefits, shown to reduce it by as much as 17% when combined with the antioxidant vitamin C.

The specialist supplement is available for purchase directly from Leviathan Nutrition’s online store at $54.98 for a bottle of 60 capsules, which is enough to supply you for the usual month at two pills a day.