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Magic packs more energy and focus in its latest evolution of Magic Pre

Magic Nutrition Magic Pre 2022

Australia’s Magic Nutrition has revamped its original stimulant pre-workout Magic Pre and turned it into a much more comprehensive and respectably dosed supplement. There are several features the brand has carried over for the sequel, although it is mostly a completely new pre-workout, built to support all of the usual effects in energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Magic Nutrition has put a strong focus on the stimulating side of Magic Pre for its 2022 edition, packing in much more energy and focus ingredients. As mentioned, it is still a balanced product with the likes of a gram of taurine, 3g of beta-alanine, and 750mg of creatine HCl for performance, and 4g of pure citrulline, 700mg of agmatine, and 2g of betaine to power muscle pumps.

Magic Nutrition Magic Pre 2022 Label

The stimulants Magic Nutrition has squeezed into the evolution of Magic Pre are a step up from its predecessor, which featured caffeine, Dynamine, and rhodiola. The all-new pre-workout has a whole lot more in there to push that sensory experience with 200mg of alpha-GPC, 150mg of the intense juglans regia, a combined 300mg of caffeine, and 30mg of synephrine.

Magic Nutrition’s latest iteration of Magic is already available in its home country of Australia through its online store at a price of $69.95 (47.96 USD). A full-size tub of the more energy and focus-increasing pre-workout comes with a 50/25 split, 50 regular servings or 25 maximum servings, with three fruity flavors to choose from in Mango, Grape Bubble Gum, and Raspberry.