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Myoblox adds Nitrosigine, beta-alanine and more to its latest version of Loco

Myoblox Loco 2022

Myoblox has announced a new version of its original, stimulant-backed, and well-rounded pre-workout Loco, is nearing release, and we have all you need to know about the supplement in this post. The last time we saw a reformulation of that exact product was about two years ago, around this time in 2020, with the 2022 edition bringing several standout changes that seem to be all for the better.

Myoblox refreshed Loco pre-workout is carrying over several of the ingredients from its predecessor, including a solid 6g of citrulline malate for pumps and 50% more tyrosine for focus. There are also some familiar components on the stimulant side of the supplement, with the reputable brand keeping theanine, theobromine, rhodiola, and caffeine at 400mg in a maximum serving.

Myoblox Loco 2022 Label

The latest iteration of Loco will have several other ingredients that were not in that 2020-launched product, and that is where Myoblox will be separating the new from the old. The brand has added rhodiola and something called adhatoda vasica to further strengthen the pre-workout’s energy blend, a full 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, and to support even better pumps, a gram of agmatine and a solid 1.5g of the premium and increasingly popular Nitrosigine.

As mentioned, on paper, it looks as though Myoblox has only improved its Loco pre-workout, carrying over all of the key ingredients from the version of the supplement currently on shelves and bringing new components into the fold for a more comprehensive experience. The brand is releasing the product in the next week or so at with 20 full servings a tub and three flavors with Watermelon, Kiwi Raz, and Sour Gummy.